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Loving-Kindness and Compassion For a Loved One Meditation

A brief loving-kindness and compassion for a loved one meditation, with a short introduction to these concepts. 

Practice Notes

Although loving-kindness and compassion practices often involve cultivating feeling states (warmth, love, compassion, etc), please don't worry if you are unable to connect with this particular aspect of the practice. What is most important is cultivating the intention for compassion or loving-kindness, rather than experiencing this on an emotional or physiological level.

In addition, loving-kindness and compassion practices often involve phrases such as "may you be happy" - if this doesn't resonate for you, that's ok too. You can either play around with phrases that do feel meaningful, or you can use visualisation techniques that have the same intention of extending goodwill and compassion to your loved one. 

1 Comment